Dynamic yoga is a unique method of training unlike any other. Developing directly from a deeper understanding of the intrinsic relationship between body, mind and spirit, Dynamic yoga seeks to awaken integral neuromuscular pathways of movement through a progressive Vinyasa training series (flowing from one posture to another synchronised with the breath).

Regardless of physical ability or experience, Dynamic yoga develops the body in a safe way. Nothing is imposed on the body, classes start with simple movements allowing the body to reawaken integral movement patterns long forgotten due to the stresses and postures of modern day. This holistic method of exercise gradually but powerfully re-educates the body, returning it to its natural harmonised state of structural integrity.

Teaching methodology used in Dynamic yoga seek to develop the bodies’ internal awareness of movement through repetition and clarity of instruction not through force or aggressive action. It is because of this that dynamic yoga is ideal for those recovering from or wishing to prevent injury.

Described as “The ultimate workout that chills your mind as it changes your body” dynamic yoga seeks to improve spinal mobility and alignment, develop good breathing patterns relax and re-energise the body, mind and spirit.

You can find our full class timetable here.

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