Dance Specific Screening

Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic provide sports injury management for dancers from all genres. Dancers performing on both a national and international stage attend the clinic to receive expert advice and treatment.

The physical demands performers place on their bodies and pressure of intense schedules significantly increase risk of injury. The physical and performance benefits of screening have been clearly shown as more and more dancers choose to fine tune their training to ensure their body won’t be the limiting factor in that push for perfection.

Physiotherapy screening is now commonplace in dance schools and companies. Physiotherapy screening is not just suited to professional performers, dancers are being screened at increasingly younger ages, helping them to develop their bodies safely.

Physiotherapy Screening Can Help You…

  • Identify physical issues that may increase injury risk
  • Maximise your performance by identifying areas to strengthen in support of technique
  • Identify baseline measures for your physical condition, helping you to track your training progress.
  • Assess readiness for skill development e.g. pre-pointe specific screening.
  • Support development into unfamiliar genres of dance that place different demands on your body.
  • Return to performance fitness after periods of absence from dance for reasons such as recovery from injury.

What is Physiotherapy Screening?

A screening will take account of your training and injury history, current physical state and future goals. A physiotherapist will assess your posture, flexibility, strength and biomechanics through a series of clinical tests and observations of dance technique and specific movement.

A comprehensive profile of the body and how it is functioning is formed and areas which may limit performance or increase risk of injury are highlighted.

The physiotherapist will advise you and, where appropriate, liaise with other professionals to help plan your development to address problem areas and help improve symptoms or performance.

Treatment and advice are evidence based and tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

Why Screening?

Prevention is better than cure! 80% of dancers will experience a significant injury at some point in their career. The majority of dance injuries are not due to traumatic incidents but develop through chronic overuse and faulty movement patterns. We often find dancers push their body to its limit in pursuit of that perfect performance.

Physiotherapy screening is a proactive approach to keeping you performing at your best, reducing your risk of injury. It will compliment your training programme through assessment of your current physical condition and analysis of technical demands of your dance schedule.

Minor technique adjustments or muscular imbalances can overload tissues as dancers repeat movements over and over. The tissues can become unable to cope and injuries occur.

Working to avoid a potential injury is more efficient than responding to an established one. Relatively minor changes in training and preparation can result in significant gains in performance.

Pre-point Assessment

The decision to progress to dancing ‘on pointe’ is a difficult one for any young dancer often discussed at length with teachers and parents. Recent research and development in the dance medicine world allows us to use science to inform the decision and support young dancers safely with appropriate supplementary exercises as they make the transition.

During the assessment the physiotherapist will consider all aspects that contribute towards safe progression including dance experience, age and stage of body development, core strength and local foot strength.

Dance Specific Physiotherapy Screening

Over the years our dance specialist therapist has performed and worked with a variety of dance genres gaining significant technique knowledge. Applying this knowledge from a physiotherapeutic perspective allows an in-depth analysis and identification of your individual needs.

Our dance specific physiotherapist is a registered dance UK practitioner and member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.

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