Tai Chi is an exercise form first developed in China over 300 years ago, practiced in the modern day to promote health, healing and well being. Tai Chi combines martial movements with ancient healing practices, namely Qigong (Energy work), Daoyin (guided stretching) and Neigong (a more ancient and deeper movement).

There are a number of different styles of Tai Chi – such as Yang style, Lee Style and Wu style and these are seen regularly in many parts of the world – making this the most commonly practiced and researched exercise for health in the world.

As an introduction to this beneficial exercise form, regular classes are now being offered at our newly refurbished and expanded facilities. Classes are designed to introduce you to the basic principles and movements required to begin a very rewarding journey into this gentle, yet very effective movement form.

Beginning with a light warm up the class progresses to a variety of different exercises and stretches designed to release tension in both body and mind. Special attention is paid to certain aspects of the movement including; co-ordination, balance, breathing and weight transfer.

Your experienced instructor will encourage and monitor your progress throughout the class – ensuring you benefit fully from the session and enjoy it safely especially if recovering from a recent injury. We look to encourage an atmosphere of relaxation, learning – but also fun.

As part of our highly experienced team at Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic, your instructors’ experience enables them to modify classes in respect of previous injuries encouraging safe participation for all. Smaller class sizes allow better supervision of technique and progress.

Students are advised to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes, and socks.

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail please contact the clinic and will be happy to help you. You can find our full class timetable here.

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