Golf Screening

Mark Twain once said ‘golf is a good walk spoiled.’ A lot of this frustration towards the game can stem from the fact that the smallest difference in a particular element within the golfer’s body, swing or their surroundings can have a substantial effect on the final location of the ball and ultimately the enjoyment of the individual playing. There are many factors which can affect your game including body position, joint and muscular flexibility, club selection, timing and force transfer within the swing, the angle of the club when it hits the ball, the speed of the swing etc. Many of these factors can be modified to improve the feel of your swing, and your ability to hit the ball where you are aiming (hopefully reducing your handicap in the process!). At Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic our golf screening package can help identify and correct factors within the musculoskeletal system which can affect the variables mentioned above.

Golf screening can have multiple beneficial effects including:

  • Identification and correction of postural muscle imbalances and their impact on swing movement sequencing.
  • Integrate your body mechanics with your specific swing pattern.
  • Identify physical limitations in your golf swing and your body.
  • To test whether your performance limitations are technical or physical.
  • Provide a proactive therapy to prevent golf injuries and prolong your participation in golf.

Overall this will help to reduce injury, maintain technique and accelerate technical change.

The Golf screening is split into three components. First the therapist will take a detailed history about your body and any injuries or issues you have previously experienced. The next component involves a full biomechanical assessment of the muscles and joints relevant to your golf swing. Finally the therapist will go through your swing with you and give advice on how this can affect your game. Once the screening is completed a detailed report will be provided to present the findings of the process and advice and exercises.

Don’t let your next walk be spoiled, book in for a golf screen today!

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