15.5 million people in the UK play sport at least once a week. With this amount of participation in physical activity, injury is an unfortunate reality. Sports physiotherapy is the specialised branch of physiotherapy dealing with injuries and issues related to sports people and athletes. Sports injuries are generally caused by direct impact or by overuse of a specific joint or muscle.

Sports physiotherapists have excellent knowledge of diagnosis of injury within a sporting context. With an early accurate diagnosis the injury can be appropriately managed with the latest evidence based treatment techniques.

Sport specific movement patterns are broken down to the fundamentals by and developed upon to return you back to your sport. We will enhance speed, agility, quickness drills, core stability, flexibility and specific skill demands for the given sport. In addition to this, sport physiotherapists are also able to screen athletes to identify any areas of weakness that may lead to an injury and can provide advice on how these areas can be corrected to prevent injury occurring.

We understand when rest is not an option and tailor treatment around that. We understand your need to run that half marathon for charity in 4 weeks’ time and will help you achieve that. We understand that you must play in the cup final and work around that, planning treatment and injury management to facilitate that requirement.

We take into account short and long term goals.

Sports physiotherapy services are available to athletes of all ages and of all skill levels.

Whether you have an acute injury, or one that is more chronic, one of our specialists will help you to get back on the field as soon as possible.

Pre-event preparation

Good pre-event preparation plays a major role in the maximisation of any sport. The clinic offers pre-event screening which will incorporate a full biomechanical assessment helping to identify any potential problems.

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