Sometimes, injury and pain occur for no obvious reason and just won’t got away, or you recover and then another niggle begins.  This is where biomechanical analysis and gait assessment fits in, aiming to find the causes of foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain.

Your feet form the foundation of movement for your entire body, providing your base of support.  Standing, walking or running on hard, unnatural surfaces however creates repetitive forces within the feet that can cause dysfunction in the joints, muscles and ligaments.  This can lead to inefficient patterns of movement and complex compensations during gait.  Often the structure of one foot is different to the other.  There can me many reasons for this, however, the result will be postural imbalances which create a series of compensations in the complex body structure above them.

Our podiatrists can asses your postural and static joint function, carry out strength testing and movement analysis and where required design, manufacture and fit orthotics.

Modern footwear can also cause disruption to foot function, inhibiting muscle function and changes in movement.


At our pioneering Biomechanics Clinic where, in partnership with Bolton Brothers Ltd, we offer the technological assessments using state of the art infa-red laser equipment which provides bespoke data which allows us our experts to provide you with the best foot, ankle and knee orthoses and footwear available on the market.  Products range from semi-customer through to full custom insoles and a comprehensive range of footwear designed to accommodate insoles.

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Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic and Bolton Brothers Ltd. are are the forefront of services design by offering biomechanical analysis and otheses design within one clinic on the same day.

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Biomechanical analysis and gait assessments can be booked directly via our online booking form or by calling us on contacting 0191 233 0500.