Injuries can only be treated correctly if we understand the causes. We work with the majority of our clients in three key ways:

  • Identifying and eliminating the causes of the injury
  • Treating the injury
  • Advice and preventative measures to help prevent the injury from returning long-term

We offer a wide range of in-house services and expertise that cover each of these areas.

These include

First, we need to know what is causing your pain or injury and will carry out a full clinical examination. This will include a thorough examination of the injury itself, as well as the surrounding areas of the body.

It will also include a holistic examination, where required. For example, if you’re a serious runner with a recurring knee injury, as well as examining the knee itself, the lower limb, and all connecting muscles and tissues, we can analyse your gait to find the causes. If you’re an office worker whose shoulder pain prevents you from playing golf once a fortnight, we will examine the shoulder, chest, neck and back, and also analyse your lifestyle – in case the cause is the way you sit at your desk or drive your car – and help you make the necessary adjustments.

Secondly, we will treat your injury. We have decades’ worth of physiotherapy experience and offer cutting-edge approaches that get you better, and faster. Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic is seen as a pioneer within the physiotherapy sector and we are frequently asked to deliver keynote speeches and lectures at industry events.

Finally, we will work with you to make sure the injury does not recur. This includes a number of ongoing exercise, rehabilitation, and conditioning classes that we can offer, which complement our treatment, technique analysis and screening services and which could even improve your sporting performance and quality of life.

Our results, reputation and loyal client base all demonstrate what makes Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic so different. To find out for yourself, book an appointment to speak to one of our specialists today.