Your team is in the safe hands of our teamNewcastle Sports Injury Clinic can provide match day and event cover from experienced sports physiotherapists, therapists and masseurs.

Pre match physiotherapists are involved in all aspects of athlete and squad preparation. This can include warm up, pre-match massage and soft tissue management and strapping.

During the match they provide immediate expert assessment of injuries, establish fitness to continue participation or manage the casualty to minimise further damage.

Trauma management including more serious injuries such as head injuries, spinal injuries and medical emergencies including CPR and defibrillation if required

Post match assessment of any injuries sustained during the game to ensure the right treatment is sought – signposting to medical services or advising re initial management of an injury to get athlete started immediately on the road to recovery

It’s not for the faint hearted! Our team are tough, and brave the elements (when it’s not an indoor sport!) to run touchlines up and down the country in support of teams from across the north east and nationally. As pitch-side physiotherapists our team remain at the sharp end of acute injury management providing first-aid and sports trauma services to a wide range of teams including professional and national squads. Having undergone additional training in areas such as spinal injury, concussion and trauma first-aid you know your team will be in the safest hands.

Pre game Preparation

It’s not just about what you see on the pitch though, team preparation pre-game is an equally as important part of our role. With excellent hands on sports massage skills, advice regarding sport-specific injury prevention warm ups and strapping for injuries including kinesio registered practitioners we will ensure your team are ready for action.

During the game our physiotherapists provide immediate on the field assessments. A systematic approach to incident management based on the most current evidence ensures the athletes safety is priority when managing any injury no matter how big or seemingly innocuous. Based on their experience and clinical assessment they can manage any serious traumas with confidence whilst on the flip side giving you the confidence to return to play if you are able.

The treatment starts immediately, there is nothing better for us than being there at the time of the injury. This allows us to immediately provide the right advice to set your athletes straight on the path to recovery. Further assessment and treatment including advice, exercises, strapping, cryotherapy can be very beneficial at this stage to speed up recovery and minimise further damage. If necessary the physiotherapist may advise you to attend A+E for further investigations.

Services include:

  • Pre match strapping and treatments
  • First aid during a match.
  • Safe best practice and awareness of current regulations
  • Systematic approach to incident management using both primary and secondary surveys (ABCDE)
  • Assess and treat common sports trauma injuries – head, neck, spine & limb
  • Qualified in CPR Resuscitation procedures, including multi-person CPR and Defibrillation (AED) use ensuring players are managed correctly.
  • Recognition of concussion – use of Maddock’s questions/Pocket SCAT, Soft tissue injuries, strains and sprains – when to and when not to use ice
  • Casualty roll techniques ensuring minimal spinal movement
  • Cease to play decisions following on field assessment using SALTAPS
  • Effective management of players injuries
  • Rehabilitation following sustaining any injury during a match or training session

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