At Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic, we understand that it’s not just elite sports people whose lives are affected by injury. That’s why we apply the same expertise and patient-centred approach to all of our clients.

The team at Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic understands that injuries and musculoskeletal pain can affect lives.

In sporting arenas, injuries can hamper performance and ruin not just seasons but entire careers. In the business world, they can reduce productivity and increase absenteeism. At home, pain and injuries can hugely impact on quality of life. We believe nobody should live with injury, whether they are an elite athlete aiming for a Team GB place, or struggling with day-to-day tasks they enjoy such as gardening or walking the dog.

We currently treat muscle, joint and back injuries for a wide range of clients, and we have close links with a number of top-level sports teams in the region and well as major employers, such as councils and major businesses. We have helped thousands of people from all walks of life to get better and stay better.

If you have an injury or are tired of living with musculoskeletal pain, Contact us to speak to one of our specialists today.

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