Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic are proud to have accredited physiotherapists working with our sporting stars of the future through the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS). TASS represents a unique partnership between sport and higher education, supporting elite athletes as they balance academic life with the pressures of training and competing on an international platform. These potential medal winners come from a variety of sports including Rowing, Volleyball, Swimming, Skiing, Rugby League and Archery.

The role of the TASS physio is to work with the athlete as part of their support team which includes coaching staff, Strength and Conditioning, lifestyle and academic mentors to ensure the athlete is on top of their game.

TASS athletes are screened at the start of the academic year, during this process the physiotherapist can highlight any areas for development or factors that may affect their performance or risk of injury. The physiotherapist will work with the TASS team to design a pre-habilitation program to address any areas highlighted by the screening.

Throughout the season the physiotherapist is also available to effectively manage any injuries that arise. The therapist must consider all aspects of the individuals sporting needs when developing a bespoke treatment program within each different sporting environment this includes competition and training schedules, maintaining technical skill and fitness whilst recovering from injury and ensuring the athlete is fully ready to perform as they return to sport.

Role of the Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic TASS physiotherapist include:

  • Injury screening and implementation of prehabilitation strategies in addition to injury management and rehabilitation of athletes across a range of sporting disciplines.
  • Appropriate assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and education to individual athletes.
  • Work closely with the TASS/ University Strength and Conditioning coaches to provide interdisciplinary delivery to TASS/University athletes.
  • Sport specific rehabilitation and production of individual exercise programmes for injured athletes.
  • Assessment of players/athletes sporting technique and sport specific skills as incorporated into a planned rehabilitation programme.
  • Testing for fitness post injury as a component of final rehabilitation.

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