Our Lower limb circuit class has been specifically designed by our team of therapists experienced in injury rehabilitation and safe strengthening techniques.   At Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic we understand the importance of techniques and close supervision, ensuring you progress your strength safely.

Small class sizes and a sport rehabilitation instructor will keep you on track throughout the hour-long class as you work to complete a variety of exercise stations, all of which are designed to aid muscular strength, proprioceptive and endurance, which in turn will improve your recovery process.

Working closely with the physiotherapy team, your instructor will tailor make exercises and provide support and technical correction for you no matter what lower limb injury you are recovering from.  As your injury improves your course leader will develop new exercises for you to keep you on track to increasing your strength in a safe and effective manner.

Lower Limb Circuit Classes are not just for people recovering from injury, those who just want to strengthen their lower limbs can also benefit from attending these classes.

Benefits include:

Increased Strength
Increased Muscular Endurance
Maintains Joint Health and Function
More Agility
Increased Proprioception
More Flexibility
Reduced Injury Risk
Improve Sporting Performance

No matter what your injury, fitness or age, lower limb circuits can benefit you in every way.

Book your appointment with one of our trained rehabilitation instructors today – you can see our full class timetable here.