Have you ever been side-lined by injury?

Do you suffer from a recurrent sports injury that just will not resolve?

Sports specific rehabilitation aims to bridge the gap between pain free movement and return to sport. Many of our patients often want to return to recreational or competitive sports and our expert physiotherapists understand this need.

The primary goal at NSIC is to help patients return to their previous level of activity by the quickest and safest means possible. By understanding the biomechanics required for various sports, our physiotherapists can design programs that will enhance speed, agility, quickness, core stability, flexibility and specific skill demands for the given sport.

With sport specific rehabilitation patients are introduced to an exercise progression that goes beyond standard weight training. Our expert physiotherapists work closely with patients to ensure adequate exercise progression avoiding overtraining and reducing the risk of re-injury. They will monitor and adjust your personalized plan, as needed, to meet your performance goals. The further along a patient is in the exercise progression, the more the exercises will mimic the specific motions of a particular sport. This progression ensures that patients remain challenged, interested, and return to play as strong as possible.

Unlike traditional rehabilitation, we offer sports-specific rehabilitation by experts who have experience with your sport and can identify the needs that are critical to your recovery. Our professional staff have worked with athletes competing at the highest level in a huge array of sports. Whether they are treating a recreational or professional athlete, our team of physiotherapists understand the importance of getting patients back to fitness.

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