Great North Run Training Tips: Final Preparations


With under a week to go we look at what you should be doing now and on the day of the race to ensure YOU can finish the race.


At this moment in time you should start reducing your overall weekly miles. There is a tendency for runners to over-train which can ultimately lead to injury – something you definitely DO NOT want or need just before the race.


Leading up to a big race it’s very important we get a good amount of carbohydrates into our system, foods such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, porridge and veg are very good along with fish and fruit. Avoid alcohol, if you can, especially the night before a training run or a few days before the race as alcohol can reduce performance and increase the risk of dehydration.

Some people leave it to the race itself to use Energy gels or drinks etc without knowing what suits them best. This could lead to upset stomach which is not good and can be rather embarrassing.

We don’t want these sorts of RUNS! Train with gels and water/ isotonic drinks leading up to the race to ensure that it works for you!

Also, the timing of fluid intake and gels/ energy sweets are important. Leave it too late and your energy stores might be depleted. Drink too much water can leave you feeling bloated and needing a Pee! Work out what is best for YOU and get it RIGHT!

Have food within an hour of finishing a training run and the race to replenish energy stores. A good mix of protein and carbohydrates comes in useful. A milkshake and banana are our go-to options…


Although it might not be a priority it is a vital factor for a successful run – wearing appropriate clothing. If it’s hot on a training or race day, make sure you wear light-fitting breathable vest or t-shirt and shorts as well as correct running socks that won’t rub.

If its cold wear another layer or long sleeve top which again is breathable – this takes sweat away from body – and running gloves as well as a beanie are also useful on a cold day.

Remove any labels that may irritate and don’t race in anything you have just bought the day before. Do not buy running shoes the day before a race or this could lead to blisters if not properly worn in and don’t wear running trainers that have done more than 500 running miles.

Anti-chafing cream comes in very useful – just saying…


If you haven’t already started now is the time to get good quality sleep in. You should aim for 8hours a night. So, over the next week or two ditch Netflix and hit the sack. There is very good reason why elite sports men and women sleep a lot, this helps in recovery and mental preparation. Some take naps during the day.

Now that would be nice!


Get to the start early enough and don’t leave it to late to travel there. Most roads around the centre are closed and public transport will be very busy. Get their earlier and relax.

Take a waterproof for before the race just in case it’s raining. Nothing worse standing there wet and cold before embarking on your run.

Pack dry clothing for after including deodorant and baby wipes to freshen up.


If your injured or your muscles are tired now BOOK IN with us for physiotherapy or Sports Massage. Don’t try and run it off, it will only get worse. Call us on 0191 233 0500 to arrange an appointment.

And of course, ENJOY! – Remember why you are running in the first place!

Well there you have it. Our top training tips for the GREAT NORTH RUN – GOOD LUCK!