Heading into GNR with foot problems? Don’t just ‘stick a plaster on it’!

foot-injury-newcastleIt’s not just musculoskeletal injuries that can hamper a Great North Run attempt: sometimes problems that seem more ‘routine’ can be just as serious and just as debilitating.

The experienced podiatrists at Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic deal with a huge range of issues for runners, from complex biomechanical analyses to more routine foot care issues.

Conditions such as blisters, corns, toenail problems and verrucae can cause huge problems for runners, yet people frequently don’t know how to treat them, or attempt to self-treat and cause further problems down the line.

Sometimes, they will just put a plaster over the problem and hope for the best.

Training for, and taking part in, an event such as a half marathon can place a huge amount of stress on your feet and it is crucial to look after them – and seek a professional’s advice if necessary.

Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic is adding increased oipening hours for the next few days and we have a strictly limited number of appointments still available.

Our experienced Podiatrists will be working throughout this time. They can dress blisters, as well as treating corns, dry skin, poorly-managed toenails, etc, that are causing problems. They can also put relevant cushioning into shoes to help people, provide and apply strapping, and also provide pads, lifts, etc, to make small changes to a runner’s foot position or to alleviate stresses placed on feet to help runners.

For further information or booking enquiries, please call Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic on 0191 233 0500.