Is exercise good for arthritis? – World Arthritis Day


In short, yes! Exercise can be beneficial to arthritis sufferers for many reasons. However, there are some important considerations to bear in mind before undertaking exercise as an arthritis sufferer, which we will look at below.

At Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic, we have many years’ experience of helping arthritis sufferers to live fulfilling, active lives.

This is part two of a series of three blogs to mark as part of World Arthritis Day, on October 12th. Remember to check out part one, examining the most common forms of arthritis, here.

Can exercise help my arthritis?

People with arthritis are sometimes reluctant to exercise, believing it will cause more damage to their joints. But the body is designed to move. Remaining active, even after an arthritis diagnosis, can help to prolong the life of your joints.

How does exercise help arthritis?

Exercise can help you to improve the strength in your muscles, easing stiffness, increasing flexibility and range of movement. It can improve your posture, aid your heart and lung health, and help you to lose weight (thus putting less strain in your joints).

How much exercise do I need?

‘Little and often’ is an excellent rule of thumb. If you can find the time to exercise five times a week, for 30 minutes (including gentle exercise such as walking) then it will prove beneficial for both your arthritis and your overall health and wellbeing.

What kinds of exercise are good for arthritis?

You need a strong combination of stretching, fitness and strength exercises, preferably those which will work your whole body. We can advise on an exercise routine that will give you the confidence and joint strength you need.

We can also help if you have a specific condition, such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

When should I avoid exercising?

You should avoid exercise if you are experiencing specific or acute pain in the affected joints. Seek professional advice immediately. You should also avoid exercise if your GP or another medical professional has advised you to.

Can Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic help my arthritis?

Yes. By working with you, our specialists can help you to regain confidence in your body, stay mobile and live life to the full.

We will talk in more depth about the ways in which a physiotherapist can help arthritis in part three of our World Arthritis Day blog.



Remember: before starting any exercise with arthritis, speak to an expert first. Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic can prescribe exercise routines to prepare you for whatever activity you wish to undertake. Contact us here today.