Kickstart your Glutes – 6-week Challenge

Following the success of our Track, Trail & Tarmac, Introduction to Running challenge, our therapists at Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic have developed a new Kickstart your Glutes challenge to help you build stability, strength and resilience for running. Whether you are an experienced runner, looking to get back into running or start running for the very first time, our Track, Trail & Tarmac – Kickstart your Glutes 6-week Challenge will help you address factors that lead to imbalance and inhibition around the hips in runners.

people-2598675_1920With over 20 years’ experience in treating running injuries at our clinics, it is evident to our therapists that there are many key exercises and drills that will benefit runners and triathletes and if performed on a regular basis will help keep the hip and groin areas free from injury.  However, we have found that often runners simply don’t do this type of training.  Without it, they’re left more susceptible to injury and many don’t manage to reach their goals!

Throughout the 6-week challenge our specialist therapists will provide you with a specific 10-15-minute set of targeted techniques, drills and exercises, which have been chosen to develop a more robust runner.

Each week you will attend a 1-hour class here we will monitor your progress, guide you on performing the daily exercises and answer any questions you may have along the way.  The focus of the exercises will change as your running progresses.

We will cover the following throughout the course of the challenge:

  • Screening Tests
  • Mobility and Glute Activation
  • Isolated Strength and Stability
  • Functional Strength
  • Running Form

We will also work with you as an individual and provide personalised recommendations for exercises and techniques that will benefit your own running style.

Our Track, Trail & Tarmac 6-week, Kickstart your Glutes Running Challenge will be held at our Newcastle city centre clinic on Saville Place from Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 6.30pm, and will run each week until Thursday, 8th March 2018. 

Due to the personalised nature of this challenge, class sizes are limited, we highly recommend that you book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment.   Our Track, Trail & Tarmac, Kickstart your Glutes 6-week Challenge is available at a special introductory* rate of just £40 inclusive.  Please contact 0191 233 0500 for further information and/or to book your place on the challenge**.

We look forward to seeing you in class and helping you with your Track, Trail & Tarmac journey.




*Introductory price for a limited period only.

** Course must be paid in full on or before Thursday, 1st February 2018 –  refunds will not be issued in part or in full should you be unable to attend any sessions.