New services at Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic – Jesmond

Due to increased demand for musculoskeletal care in the area, from Monday, 5th March 2018, customers attending our Jesmond clinic based on Towers Avenue, along with physiotherapy appointments, will be able to access osteopathy, podiatry, footcare and massage treatments.

In addition, our qualified therapists will be providing a series of dedicated session, these sessions include:

  • HANDS AND FEETParent and baby – This is a specialist area and one in which our osteopath has a wealth of experience.  During this session our osteopath is on hand to offer advice and support to adults caring for children, advising on post pregnancy aches and pains, including, pelvic pain, diastasis recti or low back pain.  Parents and carers can suffer with musculoskeletal pain, commonly in the neck and shoulder areas from nursing, carrying and lifting, all of which can be helped with osteopathy treatments.

Osteopathy is not just for adults, babies and children can benefit from treatment too, our osteopath can help with a range of common complaints experienced by babies and young children, such as, difficulties feeding, digestive issues, torticollis, positional plagiocaphaly and poor sleep.

  • Pregnancy massage – Massage therapy during pregnancy can have many positive effects.  It promotes the physiological response of relaxation, reduced anxiety levels due to reduced levels of the stress hormone noradrenaline.  Pregnancy massage also stimulates positive hormones such as serotonin.  Our massage therapists have post graduate training in pregnancy massage to ensure the safety of the parent and baby.  Pregnancy massage is available at both our Jesmond and Newcastle city centre clinics.


  •  Children and adolescents –  Children and adolescents often present with particularly distinct injuries and overuse syndromes. Their musculoskeletal system is very different to that of an adult, due to the changes that occur during the growth process. Growing bone, muscles, tendons and ligaments have inherent areas of weakness. Combined with the vast increase in the number of children and adolescents participating in sports, and competitive elements becoming more and more popular, paediatric and adolescent injuries, repetitive strain and postural issues are more prevalent than ever.

Therapists at Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic, Jesmond are trained to assess, diagnose and treat children and adolescents with growing physiology in mind, normal adult treatment methods can make an injury in a growing child worse.


  • shoes-587648Runners and Ramblers support – Struggling with an injury, entered a marathon for the first time, preparing for a long-distance walk? Our professional and expert podiatry team are able to provide the very best advice focused on preventing injury and maximising performance.  Our podiatry team are on hand to help keep runners and walkers injury and pain free.

Anyone wishing to make and appointment or book in to one of the dedicated support sessions at our Jesmond clinic can do so by calling 0191 2330500.