Northumberland FA appoints Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic as its chosen provider of injury treatment and prevention services

northumberland-fa-sports-injury-clinicNorthumberland Football Association (FA) is delighted to announce a new partnership with Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic to provide elite-standard musculoskeletal care, including injury treatment and prevention to all Northumberland FA affiliated clubs.

By working closely with Northumberland FA, Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic will provide access to fast-track injury treatment and injury prevention to all football players, coaches, referees and staff affiliated with Northumberland FA.

The CEO of Northumberland FA, John Ackerley said: “Unfortunately, we are seeing a significant drop in participation during the transition between grassroots football to the adult game. We believe a significant part of this problem can be attributed to injuries. Our partnership with Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic is a pioneering step towards easing this transition, preventing long-term injuries, and boosting the numbers of players within Northumberland.”

With immediate effect, every club that is an affiliated member of Northumberland FA will receive access to free injury advice through a telephone triage hotline, to support players, coaches and the supporting networks with advice relating to injury treatment and prevention.

In addition, each club will be able to access physiotherapy and massage at any one of the three Newcastle Sports Injury Clinics, based in Newcastle, Jesmond and Alnwick. Members of Northumberland FA will also be able to access bespoke rehabilitation, biomechanical advice, osteopathy and podiatry along with other services, including a sports doctor, sports injury medical consultant and fast-tracked MRIs.

Karen Dearden, Clinic Director said: “Through our collaboration with Northumberland FA, we will provide access to fast-track injury treatment and free advice to all football clubs affiliated to Northumberland FA.  We hope that by providing this service, which will be facilitated at our clinics and through workshops held at Northumberland FA Headquarters, we can reduce the number of injuries sustained by football players and the support teams which surround them.

“We will also be able to give the correct advice at the earliest opportunity to minimise the effect of injury and help early recovery. Players, coaches and any other club members will have fast track access to elite standard treatment. Through this partnership we aim to keep people playing and reduce the number of players, coaches and referees who leave the sport due to injury.”

Furthermore, Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic will be providing injury-prevention workshops for coaches and footballing parents. “It is essential that coaches and parents are educated in the right ways to deal with pains and injuries in young and adolescent players, as they are the players first point of contact. Some of these injuries that occur during growth can be prevented and a lot can be helped with the correct treatment and advice,” Karen added.

Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic is one of the UK’s leading musculoskeletal multidisciplinary injury treatment providers, experienced in treating sports related injuries for over 20 years.

John Ackerley, talking about Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic, said: “They have always been proactive in trying to keep people active and participating in sports, shown through their regular support to initiatives such as the Great North Run, Newcastle Can and Active Newcastle. Their values, like ours, are aligned towards the development of community sport, and I hope for an ongoing and successful partnership.”

If you are an affiliated member of the Northumberland FA and want to know what services are available to you through this partnership;

Email: [email protected] / [email protected].