physiotherapy-for-walking-benefitsHappy National Walking Month!

In case you didn’t know, May is National Walking Month. An initiative to raise awareness and bring attention to all the health benefits of walking. The evenings are becoming brighter and longer and as the weather starts to cheer up, it is the perfect opportunity to try and implement walking into your daily routine.

Walking is a fun, free and flexible activity that holds several different health benefits.

  • Weight loss – if you’re looking to lose some weight then walking is a fantastic way to do so. Obviously, it depends on the speed of your walk, but to put it into perspective a brisk 30-minute walk everyday could burn up to 150 calories!
  • Good for your heart – I think we can all agree, making sure your heart is in tip-top condition is vital. Walking is a perfect way to help strengthen your heart as well as reduce the risk of heart disease. It has only been noted that walking can reduce the risk of strokes by 27%.
  • Increase Vitamin D intake – Something that a lot of us in the UK lack is our intake of Vitamin D. Responsible for bone health and boosting your immune system, walking is the perfect way to increase your Vitamin D levels.
  • Boosted energy levels – Lastly, walking is a fantastic way to boost your energy levels as it boosts your circulation and increases the oxygen supply is around your body

As you can see, walking is a wonderful means of exercise. A simple 30-minute walk everyday could prove to be hugely beneficial for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Join us in celebrating National Walking Month.

Tie up those shoelaces…let’s get walking!