TESTIMONIAL: Chris Campbell, Patient, Newcastle upon Tyne

I suffered a knee injury which required surgery and subsequent physiotherapy rehabilitation which I understood would last approximately 4-6 months. I attended a different clinic for my initial treatment. For a variety of reasons this initial treatment lasted in excess of seven months and some 9 months later I was still experiencing issues with the injury.

Consequently I was referred by my surgeon to Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic for treatment by Karen Dearden and her team. Since commencing my treatment the improvement in my knee has been vast – I’ve made more improvement in 3 months than I did in more than 7 under the treatment of my original physio.

The quality of the treatment is a massive improvement on any I’ve experienced from other physios I’ve seen in the past (I’m slightly accident prone!) as Karen and her team take an extremely thorough approach to finding the underlying cause of an injury rather than treating the place where it might manifest itself. I only wish I’d been referred to her in the first place.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Campbell, Patient, Newcastle upon Tyne