Here at Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic, we’re excited to announce that over the course of the next month we will be hosting an ACL Awareness Month.

ACL refers to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This is a ligament within the knee that far too often we see cases of injury, tears and ruptures to it. ACL is a significant injury that causes considerable pain and setbacks, whether that be to professional athletes or those completely non-sporting.

Our aim, throughout the month, will be to educate, inform, help and advise you about ACL injuries. We will address how they happen, preventative measures and rehabilitation programmes in order to achieve the best outcome as a result.

We want to make it known that if you have suffered or are suffering from an ACL injury, not all hope is lost. Implementing the right training and recovery procedures will get you back in the game in no time

Keep checking back to our blog and look out across our social media to follow our ACL Awareness Month action.

Stay tuned…