Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise with a history dating back between 700 to even 1500 years yet still to this day it is practised daily by thousands of people. The popularity and the upswing in participation in recent years stems from the countless and proven health benefits, as well as in some cases being used for defence training. It is a facilitator in the sense that it is used as a process to get people active.

Tai Chi is often referred to as ‘meditation in motion’ as a result of its process. The exercise from combines a range of different martial movements with ancient healing practices, namely Qigong (energy work), Daoyin (guided stretching) and Neigong (a more ancient and deeper movement) that aim to promote health, healing and well-being. Through gentle, flowing movements, running along side stages of deep breathing, you keep constant motion that triggers a focused mind and ultimately promotes serenity.

It is a low impact but challenging exercise that all adults can enjoy and see the benefits. There have been hundreds of varied research papers, studies and experiments to understand truly what the effects of Tai Chi can be. The gentle nature and statement of relaxation decreases the participants stress and anxiety. The controlled breathing process improves aerobic capacity. The variety and constant movements help to improve fitness, balance and agility as well as increase flexibility and muscle strength. The list is endless which is why it is growing in popularity throughout the world.

At Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic, we host a Tai Chi class every Friday for one hour starting at 10:45am. For the little price of £7 you can enjoy all these benefits as the instructor takes you through a range of different exercises and stretches to release tension in both your body and mind.

The classes are pay as you go but we recommend that you book your place in advance to avoid being disappointed. To do so you can either:

Call us on 0191 233 0500


Email us at [email protected]

Embrace the body, mind and spirit as you better your health and wellness. So book and secure your place today.

P.S. Should you wish to attend students are advised to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes as well as socks. It can also be brought to your attention that attending the class means walking up 3 flights of stairs, a workout in itself.