Benefits of sports massage for cyclists

cycling-655565_1920It’s July, which if you are a road cyclist fan means the biggest Grand Tour of the season, Le Tour de France. Riders will face 21 stages in 23 days, on some stages riding over 200km. It is known as one of the most gruelling, physically, and mentally demanding sporting events of the year which sees a dropout rate of around 20% each tour. Some through injuries from crashes but also due to fatigue.

The race often comes down to seconds. Last year Chris Froome taking the win by just 54 seconds. Which after 86 hours of riding shows the fine lines between winning and losing (1% difference). With this stat each team looks at each percentage gain available in their training and recovery.

How can sports massage help cyclists?

Sports massage is a huge part of the recovery process for cyclists. After each stage receiving a minimum of an hour’s massage from the dedicated soigneur team. Mainly focusing on quadriceps, hamstrings, calf and back muscles. Working out the demands of the stage through each muscle group. The aims are to move waste products built up during the stage, increase blood flow and reduce fatigue in the muscles.

Whether you a professional cyclist in the Tour de France, a Strava KOM leader a Mountain Bike trail rider or are an enthusiastic cyclist who’s aim is to do a sporting event then sports massage should still be part of your training and recovery programme.

Cycling is a sport that can place huge physical demands on the bodies aerobic and anaerobic systems depending on the discipline and stage of a race. These systems supply the muscles with the energy required to move and turn the pedals. The down side is as we push ourselves and demand more from our anaerobic energy systems waste products such as lactic acid is also generated.

So, how can we help?

As mentioned above, on a professional level, sports massage is used during recovery.

Spending time in the saddle whether its every day or a couple times a week will place demands on our back muscles thighs and lower legs. This can cause a build up in the waste products mentioned and the feeling of fatigue and tightness. Which in turn reduces or power output on the bike reducing performance.

By booking an appointment with one of our Sports Therapists we can discuss your symptoms and aid your recovery with a massage aimed at reducing tightness and fatigue. Helping you train at your best, recover from a race or to continue enjoy an evening ride in the summer sun.

30 or 60 minute sports massage services are available at our clinics in Newcastle city centre and Jesmond clinics.