NSIC welcomes development in US concussion research

i7pzsjy1There has been an interesting development in the world of concussion research, after it emerged that the NFL (American football league) had pledged $100m dollars to augment research into the condition.

There has been pressure on the NFL, which sees huge numbers of head impacts take place during every game, to enhance its attitudes to player safety since the $1bn settlement that was reached early in 2015.

The new research is definitely to be welcomed – anything that can help enhance our collective understanding of concussion, and to develop ways of enhancing related safety equipment, is a good move.

We blogged earlier this year about concussion and the difficulties that it presents. It is complicated to manage, and this should be undertaken by a specialist.

Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic supplies pitchside physiotherapists as part of the services we offer to top-level sports teams across the region. These include attending rugby and American Football matches and, because of this, our pitchside physios have additional training to ensure they are fully aware of the symptoms, causes and necessary treatment for concussion.