Form and Fatigue Workshop – 27th June

Running fatigue can have serious implications on your running form, which if not addressed can lead to injuries.  Fatigue in runners can be caused by many preventable factors.  During this workshop our expert therapists will explain the common causes of fatigue, how to recognise the signs of fatigue, how it effects your running form and what can be done to prevent it.

During the practical elements of the Form and Fatigue workshop you will be taken through a series of circuit exercises and running tests to demonstrate fatigue and its effects on your body.

Therapists will review your form before and after the practical session to offer you tailored advice and support.

Workshop Details:

Venue:        Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic – Saville Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8DQ

Date:           27th June 2018

Time:          6 – 7.30pm

Cost:           £10 per person

To secure your place on this workshop please call 0191 2330500 or email [email protected]