Seven Dynamic Stretching Exercises

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Dynamic stretching exercises are a method of preparing for better performance. Dynamic stretching involves a controlled, swinging motion or soft bounce to force a particular body part and muscle past its usual range of movement. The force of the bounce or swing should be gradually increased, but radical or uncontrolled movements should be avoided.

The following is a set of dynamic stretches which may be implemented in your warm-up routine.


Reverse Lunge with twistTake an exaggerated step backwards with the right leg. Go into the lunge position, twist your torso to the left, and reach for your right heel with your left hand. Return to lunge position, stand up. Step back with the left leg to repeat on the other side. Continue for 50 metres.








Knee CradleStanding, lift your left leg with the knee facing outwards. Use your hands to cradle the leg at the knee and ankle; avoid pulling on the foot. Simultaneously raise to your toes on your right foot before releasing your left leg, stepping forward, and repeating on the other side. Continue for 50 metres.








Straight Leg MarchMarch forward and swing your leg straight in front of you with each step. Attempt to touch your foot with the opposite hand upon each swing. Continue for 50 metres.









Butt kicksAs you run, bend your knee and bring your heel back to your buttock with each step. Steps should be short and rapid as you focus on the frequency of the buttock kicks, rather than the pace at which you move forward. Drive your arms forward with each step. Continue for 50 metres.








High KneesRunning on the balls of your feet, bring your knees up as high as possible with each step. As with buttock kicks, pay attention to frequency rather than pace. Steps should be small and quick. Drive your opposite arm forward as each knee comes up. Continue for 50 metres.








Carioca (f)With your shoulders square and facing forward, get into a semi-squatting position. Cross your left leg in front of your right leg, bring your right leg through, and then cross your left leg behind your right leg. Go 50 metres one way, continue facing the same direction, and go back.








ScorpionLying face down with your chest on the ground, pull your left leg up and across the right leg to the opposite side of your body. Switch sides continuously until you have performed the stretch 10 times on each side.










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