Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic shows you how to #LivePainFree with new campaign

Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic has launched a new campaign aimed at helping people to tackle the pain that affects their daily lives.

#LivePainFree is the new campaign from the leading physiotherapy and injury management company in the North East.

The campaign aim is to help people from all walks of life to prevent and manage their pain and injuries better.

At NSIC we understand the devastating impact that pain can have on people’s everyday lives: it can hamper our work and our leisure in equal measure.

While we specialise in treating sports injuries, we also have decades’ worth of experience in managing injuries of all kinds, especially those that relate to occupational health.

While we help many elite athletes to stay injury-free and to reach new levels of performance, we also help countless members of the public to live their lives to the full.

Whether you want to do the gardening or shopping without pain, or play with your children or grandchildren more easily, we can find ways to help.

We understand that not everyone is sporting, but everyone deserves a chance at living a pain-free life.

Over the course of the campaign we will look at subjects such as:

  • Workplace absenteeism and the impact on productivity that injuries can have
  • The most common injury complaints such as lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and knee and hip pain
  • Measures you can take and exercises you can do to feel better
  • Bad habits that everyone has that are causing pain or making it worse
  • Top tips for improving the way you feel every day
  • Quick and simple ways to improve personal daily routines

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As always, if you have any specific questions, then let us know and we can look at tackling it in a future blog topic. Or, contact us here for a free phone consultation if you have an injury that may require treatment.